At the beginning, the studio-workshop had a scenographic sculptural phase, where both Miguel Jerónimo and Miguel Ángel worked in big theme parks such as Tierra Santa and other cultural spaces.

Miguel Jerónimo Villalba has been making sculptures for more than 20 years.

With a vast experience and incursion in different materials, today Arte Villalba creates works for Argentina and for the whole region. Everything is always done with the utmost dedication and considering that each piece is unique and unrepeatable and will leave a mark in every town, in every city, in every place.

Sculptor & Artistic Director

He was born on June 3rd, 1981 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1997 he graduated as a Carpenter at Raggio Technical Schools. In 1999 he graduated as a Technician in Furniture Industry and Design at Raggio Technical Schools. Then, in the years 2002-2009 he studied Fine Arts at the IUNA (Universidad Nacional de las Artes).

Today he directs Art Villalba, following in his father’s footsteps and legacy.

His works:

Bronze statues for the Santaigo del Estero’s Estadio Único. Players: Luis Galván, Rene Houseman and Chango Cárdenas.

Bust for the Dellepiane family in bronze “Pablo Dellepiane”.

Monument to the rural workers of the “1920’s Patagonia – Santa Cruz Province – Río Gallegos.

Monument to the Stevedore for the Ushuaia´s Port.
Bust to General Manuel Belgrano -Cordoba City.
Artistic installation: “First trip around the world” – Santa Cruz Province – City of Puerto San Julián
Monument to the family – Santa Cruz
Bust to San Martín – Province of Buenos Aires
Bust Tribute to Rucci – City of Buenos Aires (CABA)
Bust of President Juan Domingo Perón – Province of Buenos Aires
Exhibition in Turkey – Word Wood Day
Bust of Néstor Carlos Kirchner for the “Patria Grande” house.
Sculpture for Santiago de Chile – “Two Couples”.
2013: Sculptural works for the University of La Rioja UNLAR.
2012: “Monument to Women” for the Municipality of Moreno.
2012: Bronze bust dedicated to “Raoul Wallenberg” in the city of La Plata, and at Ezeiza International Airport.
2012: Bust of “Néstor Kirchner” in the city of La Plata.